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In Dallas

So I'm in Dallas again  :)
I have this amazing job I got here to teach photography classes on the weekends.
So I flew in for 2 weeks and these classes pay for my trip!  I get to come see Jen for "free"!!
Couldn't get much better than that!

So I've been here a week so far.

We went to see a film screening of this awesome movie called Sironia.  I think it's coming out all over the place in a few months.  But it's set in TX and the star of the movie was there to do Q&A and also performed for us (he's a musician).

Jen lives just 2 blocks from my favorite grocery store, Whole Foods.  We dont have this in Myrtle Beach, so I try to take advantage of it while I'm here.
I take Jen's reusable shopping bag and walk to the store  :)

So I'm teaching these classes at the Dallas Farmer's Market.  Such a cool place!
Here is Mackie, my very first student!  We had a lot of fun together!  She is the founder of a non-profit here in TX!

I went to the place that was voted in the Top 10 places in TX for BBQ.  I wont say it was the best I've ever had (might have had something to do with the 30 minute wait in line!!), but it was pretty good.

Another class- a super cute couple that wants to learn more about photography for their new on-the-way baby  :)

Dallas Farmer's Market 

Lunch day 2.  I decided to skip the long BBQ line and go with some authentic Mexican Enchiladas.  I was not disappointed! 

Another class of 2, posing together 

And here is a collection of my students going out to practice what they all had just learned.

One more week to go in Dallas!  I dont have anything specific planned, just chillin' with Jen, trying to meet up w/ some folks, and teaching a little more next weekend.

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