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In Dallas

So I'm in Dallas again  :)
I have this amazing job I got here to teach photography classes on the weekends.
So I flew in for 2 weeks and these classes pay for my trip!  I get to come see Jen for "free"!!
Couldn't get much better than that!

So I've been here a week so far.

We went to see a film screening of this awesome movie called Sironia.  I think it's coming out all over the place in a few months.  But it's set in TX and the star of the movie was there to do Q&A and also performed for us (he's a musician).

Jen lives just 2 blocks from my favorite grocery store, Whole Foods.  We dont have this in Myrtle Beach, so I try to take advantage of it while I'm here.
I take Jen's reusable shopping bag and walk to the store  :)

So I'm teaching these classes at the Dallas Farmer's Market.  Such a cool place!
Here is Mackie, my very first student!  We had a lot of fun together!  She is the founder of a non-profit here in TX!

I went to the place that was voted in the Top 10 places in TX for BBQ.  I wont say it was the best I've ever had (might have had something to do with the 30 minute wait in line!!), but it was pretty good.

Another class- a super cute couple that wants to learn more about photography for their new on-the-way baby  :)

Dallas Farmer's Market 

Lunch day 2.  I decided to skip the long BBQ line and go with some authentic Mexican Enchiladas.  I was not disappointed! 

Another class of 2, posing together 

And here is a collection of my students going out to practice what they all had just learned.

One more week to go in Dallas!  I dont have anything specific planned, just chillin' with Jen, trying to meet up w/ some folks, and teaching a little more next weekend.


Kerri Walsh & Misty May

Jen & I have been huge fans for years of our Olympic Gold women's beach vball team!
I've had the pleasure to watch them play at 2 different AVP Tour championships. They are so cute & fun to watch.
But what I really love about them is their friendship! They have been playing together now for 10 years! That's how long Jen & I have been friends :)
I think their amazing friendship is a huge reason they play so well together. And it makes me miss playing vball with Jen for sure when I watch them play!
Here's hoping for Gold once again for Kerri & Misty May!!

Happy birthday mom!

We celebrated my moms bday with games, pizza & cheesecake! The way a bday is suppose to be celebrated!
Amy bought this new game called Awkward Family Photos & it is SO fun to play!! Highly recommend it!!


I took my mom to get her very first pair of running shoes!! I'm so excited for her! We are training for her first 5k and I am very proud of her for doing this. She has really bad knees, so I know this is a huge challenge for her, but I also know she can do it & I know the AMAZING feeling she'll have once she crosses that finish line!!
Come join us if you want- we are going to do the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!


Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me. If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it. And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul? (Matthew 16:24-26 NLT)


Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises. (Romans 4:20, 21 NLT)


Dallas Trip

I went to Dallas for the month of May.  Our friend, May, was flying in from Australia to visit and I was also due for a visit to see Jen!

Jen's nephew-dog, Jax.  He is my buddy when I'm in town!

Jen's brother, #11, showing off some mad skills!

Granny Blackwood, Jen and her Dad

#11 again, her brother escaping a tackle

Me, Jen and her sister Kelly & little Sadie

Sadie's little fingers wrapped around Jen's

she makes really fun faces!

Not pleased w/ what is on TV

Dont Jen and I know this?!

New friends!

Oh the drama we had on this trip to Houston!!

Gifts from Australia

Sprinkles cupcakes!!

Went to Gateway church for the first time

Amazing Bible teacher!!  Miss her so much!

Crazy storms!

Dallas is so pretty!

East Texas is proud!

hahahaha!  A sign on the bathroom door for the summer missionaries at TMM

Ingrid's cute dog getting her 4th bath of the day after she got skunked

East Texas

One of the best (and only) restaurants where we were

Skunk dog got washed in tomato sauce!

iPhone pic- great color!

Ingrid w/ a cute bunny

In a Mexican restaurant where we were in East TX

iPhone shot- love it!

Our old church, Watermark.  I miss it!

Watermark church

Taking May to get some real TX BBQ!!

Dinner w/ great friends!

Lunch w/ my old pals from Inprov

How I love Panera!

Fancy Walmart!

Jen's favorite- Red Velvet Sprinkles cupcakes!

Happy Bday Jen!!!

Miss the Big D already!!